Issue 11 and Volume 46.

LATEST FIRE, DEPARTMENT ITEMS A large monument was recently erected to firemen, in Bradford, Pa. A test of the new Webb auto fire engine has just been made at Trenton, N. J. One thousand families were rendered homeless by a fire which swept Hrementchug, Russia. Rockford, Ill.—The big new auto engine has arrived and is being given tests almost daily. Quite a number of transfers and promotions have recently been made in the Detroit fire department. Acting Fire Chief Price, of Springfield, Mo., says that two recent fires have demonstrated the need of a third fire station. At Clyde, Ohio, two new nozzles of the Larkin pattern have recently been added to the fire-protection equipment. At Missoula, Mont., the installation of an electric fire alarm system is being considered. It is said to be badly needed. At Cedar Rapids, la., at a special meeting of the city council, action was…

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