Macon Agitating City Water Supply.

Issue 12 and Volume 46.

Macon Agitating City Water Supply. Macon is agitating the question of city water and it is claimed that the present waterworks system may be purchased for the city’s use, recommendations being made to that effect. The estimated expense at this time is not less than three-quarters of a million dollars, which would give a water system adequate in every way for present needs, and for a period in the immediate future. The move toward better and more efficient water supply’is due principallv to the completion of the engineers’ report on the estimated worth of the present system and the probable cost toward the establishment of a new one. It is expected that a full report will be made this week on the advisability of obtaining the control of the water supply in the cit and it is known that a majority of the engineers favor ownership by municipality. The most…

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