Firestone Demountable Rim.

Issue 12 and Volume 46.

Firestone Demountable Rim. One of the latest devices for preventing delays in reaching fires, is the 1910 Firestone Demountable rim for use in connection with pneumatic tires on motor-driven apparatus. This equipment enables the driver overtaken by tire troubles to make an instant change of tires without having to repair or even pump up his tires. A tire already inflated is carried on a spare rim on the side of the car. When the inevitable puncture or blow-out happens, the damaged tire and its rim may be quickly unfastened, the spare tire and rim arc then substituted and the journey immediately resumed. Minutes count in making a quick run to a fire, and the 1910 Firestone Demountable rim is a great time-saver when time is most valuable. 1 his rim may be used in connection with any clincher or quick detachable tire, but is especially recommended with the latter, owing…

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