Issue 16 and Volume 46.

BRIEF WATERWORKS PARAGRAPHS Springfield, Ill.—The city council favors an extension of the gallery system in order to increase the available supply of water. Dabney, Maury, C.E., has been engaged by the city council of Macomb, Ill., to investigate and report upon a new supply. The village of Seneca Falls, N. Y., is now connected by 12,000 feet of 14-inch force main, with the pumping station on the lake front. And this is apparently the view taken of the situation by the press of Denver in its editorial discussion of the situation. Out of 127 cities and towns in the State of Kansas that are provided with water supply systems, 118 own and operate their own plants. Dallas, Tex.—To supplement the present water supply, it is proposed to dig shallow wells in the water-bearing gravel strata in the vicinity of the city and to equip them with pumps. In drafting an…

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