Proposed Improvements for Hoboken.

Issue 17 and Volume 46.

Proposed Improvements for Hoboken. The annual report of Chief Michael A. Dunn, of Hoboken, N. to the board of fire commissioners for the year ending May 1, 1909, came recently to hand. Other than containing the usual statement of the condtion of the department there are numerous recommendations by Chief Dunn, and these are of more than local interest, for they reveal something of his strategy in firefighting. He recommends that a new first-size engine be purchased and placed in house of engine company No. 1, the present engine of this company to be transferred to house of engine company No. 3, as the engine now used by the latter company being too small for effective work; that a new hook and ladder truck be purchased to replace the old truck now in service at truck company No. 2; that engine companies Nos. 1 and 2 be equipped with combination…

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