Issue 17 and Volume 46.

INFILTRATION WELL AT COSHOCTON Our present water supply is solely obtained from one cylindrical infiltration well having an inside diameter at the bottom of 30 feet and a diameter of 32 feet at the springing line of the spherical arch brick covering. This springing line is located 24 feet above the bottom of the well, and the arch has a radius of 20 feet and an internal rise of 8 feet, making the total inside depth of the well 32 feet. It was constructed in 1000 at a cost of $4,500. This well has a manhole at the top even with the general surface of the level field surrounding the same, and the manhole is fitted with a watertight rubber gasket and metal cover securely bolted down and locked. The well is located in the glacial drift between the Walhonding and Tuscarawas rivers at a point 90 feet east of…

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