Estimate of Forest Fire Losses for the Year.

Issue 17 and Volume 46.

Estimate of Forest Fire Losses for the Year. Forest fires, according to a forest service bulletin, are causing considerable damage in many parts of the country at present. It will be several months before the total destruction is known, for the fire season has considerable time to run. In figuring out this year’s losses, it will be natural to make comparison with losses for last year, which, according to Treadwell Cleveland, Jr., in the year book of the Department of Agriculture, will cause 15)08 to be long remembered. He says: “A dry season, combined with what seemed to be even more than the usual indifference toward small .fires which might easily have been extinguished at the start, caused destructive conflagrations in practically every State, with losses aggregating $100,000,000. In comparison with the havoc wrought elsewhere, the damage done to national forests was exceedingly slight. Had fires raged within the forests…

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