International Fire Service Congress.

Issue 17 and Volume 46.

International Fire Service Congress. The Royal Federation of Belgian Fire Brigades intends forming an organization of an international congress for fire service and fire prevention on the occasion of the international exhibition at Brussels and under the patronage of the Belgian government and the International Fire Service Council. The congress will be held from July 27 to August 1, 1910, the first days at Brussels, the last days at Spa. In the last named city will take place the festivities of the Belgian federation, an international fire brigades display and also the last meeting and the closure of the congress. The principal questions to he treated at the congress are: Systems of traction for self-propelling fire service cars Safety precautions for storing benzine, petrol, etc., in automobile garages and in stores. New constructions for fire pumps, piston, rotation and centrifugal. Necessity of the creation of a safety code with the…

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