The New Water Supply of Los Angeles.

Issue 17 and Volume 46.

The New Water Supply of Los Angeles. In providing itself with an adequate supply satisfactorily pure water, the city of Los Angeles, Cal., is displaying more than the ordinary enterprise. The city has gone two hundred and twenty-five miles to the mountains, to tap a supply fed by eternal snows, and at one point, the stream it is going to use, has a practical fall of about fifteen hundred feet. This it is proposed to u *55, by the installation, at a cost of about $6.00 000, of a 90.000-horsepower hydro-electric pla It is estimated that this power transmitted to t city, will in a short time more than pay for » plant and furnish Los Angeles, not only with valuable public utility, hut with a very cons erable source of revenue. The outcome of t undertaking will be watched with considera? interest by other communities, within win reach similar…

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