Passaic Valley Sewer Case.

Issue 18 and Volume 46.

Passaic Valley Sewer Case. The Passaic valley sewer case, now pending in the United States Supreme Court, seems in a fair way to be settled without further litigation. Representatives of the three parties interested, namely, the States of New York and New Jersey and the Federal Government who were present at the meeting in Washington last week are ready to join issues in arreiving at a satisfactory settlement of this important matter. The New Jersey represents tives have agreed to enter into a stipulation, to be filed as an order in the pending suit, that the sewage discharged into New York Bay should not contain enough putrescible organic matter to constitute a nuisance or objection able local pollution, or to he offensive to sight or smell. That the government and State of New York might be assured of this result, the defendants agreed to have their engineers prepare and submit…

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