Suit for Shutting off Water.

Issue 18 and Volume 46.

Suit for Shutting off Water. As owner of the Hotel Fenimore, Asbttry Park, N. J., one Thomas has commenced suit against that city on account of his water supply being cut off. It appears the hotel has three separate meters: No. 1 registers the water supply to the old portion of the hotel and the kitchen and baths throughout the house: No. 2, the new part of the house for winter and summer, and No. 3 the water that supplies the elevator power. A dispute arose over a charge for water made on the reading of the No. 3 meter. Plaintiff paid the billrendered on Nos. l and 2. hut would not par the No. 3 meter bill. Consequently, the water was shut off from all three meters, and plaintiff was compelled to close his hotel and turn out 20 guests. He brought suit to compel the city to turn…

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