Fire Precautions For The General Public

Issue 18 and Volume 46.

Fire Precautions For The General Public The general public is chiefly accustomed to take measures for protection against fire collectively. That is to say, the general public maintains fire departments, waterworks systems, employs fire marshals, passes building ordinances and takes various other steps toward fire prevention and fire extinguishment. These precautions are familiar to us all, and will not be considered in this paper., The additional precautions which the general public can take individually deserve our attention and consideration. The two general classes of such precautions are: First, taking steps to prevent fires from occurring; and second, being prepared for fires when they do occur. To prevent fires, householders should be taught the value of the following preventive measures: Use only metal barrels or receptacles for hot ashes. This should include, of course, barrels for ashes which are supposed to be cold, but which may contain a few hot embers.…

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