Issue 18 and Volume 46.

BUILDING RESTRICTIONS FOR BIRMINGHAM The city of Birmingham, Ala., was recently subjected to inspection by the engineers of the National Board of Fire Underwriters. As usual, the building laws and ordinances in force were inquired about. The work of the building inspector, according to the report, appears on the whole commendable. It was he who recommended most of the ordinances now governing in the city. Accordingly, a summary of the building regulations, so far as they have regard to fire protection, is given as follows : Fireproof construction is not mentioned and mill construction is given no definition; no specifications. The only mention is in regard to walls and columns. As to joisted construction—any building may be of joisted brick construction says the report, Frame Construction.—Within the fire limits, frame buildings may not be built, and, if damaged more than one half of their value, may not he repaired; in…

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