Overhead Electric Conductors.

Issue 18 and Volume 46.

Overhead Electric Conductors. About the only “live” wires to be found above ground in a well regulated city nowadays are those used by the street railways, operated on the overhead trolley system, and where rational consideration is bestowed on the welfare of the community, and the railroads are awake to their own best interests these are rapidly giving place to the under-trolley system, or for interurban service to the third rail. With its high tension, alternating current the overhead trolley wire is a constant menace to life and property. Not only is it in the event of a lire a dangerous obstacle for the fire lighting force to encounter, but where, as a result of a bad storm or heavy snowfall, wires are down, an otherwise innocent telephone or lighting wire is liable to become charged with the current of deadly in tensity, and fire and death may result at…

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