As to the Manufacture of Fire Crackers.

Issue 18 and Volume 46.

As to the Manufacture of Fire Crackers. Chief Henry A. Spencer, of Chelsea, Mass., read a paper at the recent convention of the Massachusetts State Firemen’s Association on the subject. “Should not this Association go on record as being opposed to the manufacture and sale of fire crackers other than those made from common black powder?” as follows: “If I am expected to take the affirmative, I would say at once it all depends on the point of view. If from a fire standpoint (and that I understand is what we are here for). I say most emphatically, No. We should not condemn all kinds of fire crackers and except the black powder variety. If. however. we view this proposition from the standpoint of humanity, then Isay most assuredly. Yes, to the proposition. I assume that whoever framed this topic had in mind the various brands of so-called dvnamite crackers…

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