To Place Newark Wires Underground.

Issue 19 and Volume 46.

To Place Newark Wires Underground. The finance committee of the Newark, N. J., common council, after a discussion with representatives of the fire board on Mayor Haussling’s veto of the resolution authorizing an issue of $50,000 bonds to defray the cost of laying the wires of the fire telegraph system under ground, decided to ratify the veto. The committee claimed that all that would be needed to bury all wires of the system wherever there are conduits now laid would not exceed $23,000. This would suffice to change forty miles of the system from overhead to underground. The reason for asking for $50000. it was admitted, was to have the fire board provided with a fund upon which it could draw as the burying of the wires progressed. It was conceded that the whole cost of burying all the wires of the system would be $70,000.

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