Water Rates at Patton.

Issue 19 and Volume 46.

Water Rates at Patton. PATTON, PA., announces the following monthly rates: One-family dwelling, not exceeding 6 rooms, 60 cents; each additional room, 15 cents; hath tub. 25 cents; laundry tubs, 25 cents; water closets (selfclosing) 40 cents; wash basin, 40 cents; sprinkling lawn and pave washer, 50 feet front or less, not over 3 hours daily, 50 cents; steam or hot water boiler for residence only, $2 per year. Barber shop, one chair, 50 cents; each additional chair 25 cents. Drug stores, 75 cents, and 1-16-inch jet counter fountain, 75 cents. Offices, faucet in office or water from faucet for general use, 60 cents. Store rooms (1 faucet), 60 cents. For breweries, livery stables, photograph galleries, restaurants, bakeries, billiard rooms, hotels, laundries, school houses, boarding houses, steam boilers for power, a special rate, according to conditions will be fixed by the company. For building purposes. 5 cents per perch for…

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