Issue 19 and Volume 46.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING The legality of the ordinance passed by the city council of Fort Dodge, la., requiring the motion-picture theatres of the city to have stationed in the building, at each performance, a member of the volunteer.fire department, may be tested in the courts as the result of the refusal of a former proprietor of the Empire theatre to settle for the services of a fireman. Owing to the frequent occurrence in Guatemala, C. A., of fires suspected of being of incendiary origin, a decree of the President, recently promulgated, provides for the imprisonment, without bail, of all owners of insured property damaged by fire until they can establish their innocence of wilful intent. In other words, the destruction by fire of insured property is to be considered prima facie evidence of arson. This unquestionably insures the apprehension of the firebugs; but how about the innocent owner of…

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