Mutual Aid Among Departments in Cases of Fires

Issue 19 and Volume 46.

Mutual Aid Among Departments in Cases of Fires Gentlemen: Your committee, appointed at the last convention of this association to devise a plan wherein cities and towns in this Commonwealth would be in a better position than at present to render assistance to one another in the event of large fires or conflagrations, known as the “mutual aid system,” beg leave to report the following:—Since the creation of this committee there have been four meetings held at the Mason street office of the chief of fire department, Boston, Mass.—the first on October 22, 1908, and the second, third and fourth on January 28, July 14 and August 27, 1909, respectively. The meetings were very well attended and beside the regular members of the committee present, there were other persons invited who were directly interested in the success of our attainment, consisting chiefly of fire commissioners and chiefs of fire departments.…

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