Issue 19 and Volume 46.

CORRESPONDENCE. PERIOD OF SERVICE OF FIREMEN. To THE EDITOR: The aldermen of Watertown, S. Dak., were very much exercised, recently, over the period of service of their paid firemen. It was a matter of Dispute whether the period should be limited, or whether a fireman, once appointed, should serve as long as physically capaole, provided his conduct was satisfactory, borne of the members of the board, evidently influenced by the political opportunities of the service, were in favor of maxing the appointment for a limited term—as short as two years. What is your opinion on the subject, Mr. Editor? AN INTERESTED PARTY. Watertown, S. D., Oct. z8tn. fGood firemen do not grow on trees. It takes about two years to lit a man for the proper performance of his work as a lireman; sometimes more. The idea ot “rotation in office,” as applied to liremen, is, in our opinion, only…

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