Some Dangers in the Use of Gasoline.

Issue 19 and Volume 46.

Some Dangers in the Use of Gasoline. To the increasing employment of gasoline and similar highly volatile hydro-carbons, for automobiles, explosion-engine operation and in various manufacturing processes, a number of fires have been attributed that may be designated as of “novel” origin. Take the ordinary garage, as an instance. From time to time it becomes necessary to remove from the gasoline tanks of automobiles, the heavy impurities that gradually accumulate in them. This residual substance is discharged, without ceremony into the sewers. The fact that the temperature prevalent in these underground conduits, is for the most part considerably higher than that of the atmosphere above ground, high enough, in fact, to vaporaize any volatile matter remaining in the refuse, of which there will always be some percentage, is not given due consideration. Tne resultant inflammable vapor, at the regular sewer temperature, re tains its gaseous form, accumulates, and is finally…

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