Purchase of Supplies for New York.

Issue 19 and Volume 46.

Purchase of Supplies for New York. Important resolutions affecting the purchase of supplies in New York city, for the different departments, were introduced, at last week’s meeting of the board of estimate, by Comptroller Metz, and adopted by that body. Among other things the resolutions provided that “In so far as practicable, all contracts and open market orders” for the purchase of supplies, etc., be based upon specifications that were definite and certain as to character and quality and which conformed to standard specifications. They provided, also, that the board appoint a committee consisting of the comptroller, the president of the board of aldermen and a representative of the mayor to determine as far apossible the character and probable amount of each class of supplies to he purchased by the city in 1910, and to formulate specifications which were to he reported to the board on or before December 15.…

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