Stream Pollution in Germany.

Issue 19 and Volume 46.

Stream Pollution in Germany. With a knowledge of the recklessness with which city sewage and mill refuse are discharged into the rivers in this country, destroying their usefulness as a source of potable water, the following account of the manner in which the German rivers arc officially guarded against pollution will prove interesting. The straw and wood-pulp factories located on the banks and using their waters for power and manufacturing processes, are prohibited from polluting the streams according to a report recently transmitted to the Department of Commerce and Industry at Washington, by United States Vice-Consul W. Washington Brunswick, of Chemnitz, Saxony. It says: “The pulp manufacturers are required to use every precaution possible so that not even a particle of the waste can reach the stream. The water which is to be emptied into the river must leave the factory in an absolutely clean condition, free from any remnants…

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