Issue 20 and Volume 46.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING “Pity ’tis ’tis true.” The political axe has fallen on Chief Fillmore Tyson, of Louisville, Ky. This unfortunate circumstance will be felt with much regret throughout the fire service of the United States. Fillmore Tyson in the prime of life, bright, intelligent, scientific and thoroughly posted in all branches of his profession; in fact, one of the best men in the fire service of the country, to be turned down for no other reason than his having qualified himself to fill the position of chief engineer of a large and important fire department is. to say the least, discouraging. It is sufficient to kill the ardor of any man engaged in the profession of firefighting similarly situated. It is not a question of being able to fill the position of chief engineer fr m the ranking officers of a department, hut the demoralizing effect such political…

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