Supervision by Forestry Bureau.

Issue 20 and Volume 46.

Supervision by Forestry Bureau. The value of the supervision exercised by the Forestry Bureau of the United States department of agriculture, is practically demonstrated in the action of the representatives of Salt Lake City, Utah, who have decided to enter into an arrangement with the forestry bureau, whereby the latter will take charge of the watersheds, whence the city derives its supply—i. e. the mountains and valleys of City creek and Parley’s canyon. Under the pro posed agreement between the city and the Federal forest authorities, the district in question will be closed to prospecting or mineral development. except upon agreement between the forester and the mayor. The revenue from permits to prospect or sale of timber is to be paid into the city treasury. The city is to pay a ranger or forest guard, under the direc tion of the forester, not less than $900 or more than $1,200…

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