Cleveland Firemen’s Insurance Association.

Issue 22 and Volume 46.

Cleveland Firemen’s Insurance Association. Thirty-four years ago last March twenty members of the Cleveland, O., fire department met and formed the Cleveland Firemen’s Life Insurance Association. The first policy paid by the organization amounted to $100, as the rule was made that for every death an assessment of $.5 was to be fixed. This policy was paid in May, 1878. The next amounted to $250 and with the growth in membership the payments have increased to the point when the $2,000 mark is close at hand. The largest sum ever paid by the organization was $2,840. Practieally every member of the fire department is now a member of the association, as the rules of the department require a fireman to make application within a certain period after his appointment. In 1908 the sum of $19,64.5 was paid out by the organization, as here were seven deaths within that period. Since…

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