Lieutenant Joe Webber.

Issue 22 and Volume 46.

Lieutenant Joe Webber. It is seldom a young fireman jumps suddenly to the front without some special cause. This was not the case, however, with Lieutenant Joseph Webber, of Boston, whose personality alone was the lever that raised him in the estimation of his superior officers and created for him a host of friends, Lewis Webber, his father, one of the great chiefs of the country, placed him in the Boston fire service as an ordinary fireman when only a boy and he soon proved himself a very clever and competent man around headquarters. His ambition for progress, however, made him accept a position as a representative of the Cornelius Callahan Company, of Boston, and again his agreeable personality assisted in bringing about his success in that position. After some time he rejoined the Boston department and soon thereafter was located at headquarters on West street, where the largest amount…

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