Pumping Engine Notes.

Issue 22 and Volume 46.

Pumping Engine Notes. Six new pumps and three new motors, recentlypurchased by Spokane, Wash., from the AllisChalmcrs Co., Milwaukee, Wis., will increase the pumping capacity of the up-river station from 37,000,000 gallons per day to 55,000,000 gallons It is said that the direct pressure system, made possible by the addition of this equipment, will immensely increase the water supply on the high ground next summer. Tulsa, Okla., has recently installed a new $17,000 pump at the waterworks, and although the Arkansas river, from which it draws, is lower than was ever before recorded, the city is receiving an abundant supplyof water. Pumps are being installed by the Riverside Cal., Artesian Water Company that will dupli cate its present plant and assure residents of the East Side, Riverside, of a plentiful supply of water. Hancock, Mich., has the installation of a new pump under consideration, by means of which the residents…

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