Issue 23 and Volume 46.

PERTINENT PARAGRAPHS RELATING TO THE FIRE SERVICE Work has begun on placing the underground wire system of Houston, Tex. The city has experienced considerable trouble with its present overhead system as the result of high winds, fires, and storms, and the adoption of the underground system of wiring is with the view of overcoming these difficulties. The fire department of Norristown, Pa., completed its parade of five miles over slushy streets and, despite unfavorable conditions, made a fine showing. The firemen were inspected by Chief P. V. Hoy and the members of town council, which body annually appropriates $9,500 to the support of the fire department. Williston A. Gaylord, for sixteen years a district chief in the Boston fire department, died at his home in Dorchester, Mass. He resigned from the department three years ago owing to ill health, after a service of forty-four years. During his long career as…

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