Issue 23 and Volume 46.

Meterage. The superintendent of waterworks at Puyallup, Wash., is making a canvass of water users in that city, with a view to the installation of meters. Should the report he is to present to councils be favorable, the metering of the entire water supply of the city will be ordered by that body. The water supply department of Salem, Ohio, will shortly supply all consumers of city water with meters. Most of the meters in use in the city are of the “Keystone” type, made by the Pittsburg Meter Company, East Pittsburg, Pa., and the company will supply all the meters that will be needed to complete the installation. The waterworks superintendent has received many inquiries from consumers for meters, and others have expressed themselves as wanting them installed as soon as possible. An ordinance has been passed by the city council of Springfield, Ill., providing for the installation in…

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