New Water Supply at Richmond, Va.

Issue 23 and Volume 46.

New Water Supply at Richmond, Va. According to reports received by the Committee on Water of the city council of Richmond, Va., the new water flume connecting the settling basin with the new pumphouse will be ready for use in about three or four weeks, and the probabilities are that Richmond will have the new supply about the end of December. Its cost will be close to three-quarters of a million dollars. The basins themselves cost about $400,000, the two flumes cost nearly $125,000, and the city has paid several thousands of dollars for the inspection of the work of the contractors. The city issued bonds to pay for the clear water project and has been paying interest on these bonds since the date of their issue and during all the time that the basin has been lying idle. For the settling basin proper the bond issue was $350,000 at…

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