Issue 23 and Volume 46.

THE ELMIRA CITY HALL FIRE. Stopping such a fire as threatened the complete wiping out of the city hall, Elmira, N. Y., must be recorded ns a remarkably good piece of firefighting. Here was a composite structure, the upper portion of which was built of pitch pine and trussed with the same material. In this part of the building the fire started, and when Chief Espey and his men arrived flames were issuing from the tower and upper floor or attic. As will be seen in the illustration, the top story was mansard construction, and in this was stored a large quantity of inflammable material, mostly printed paper. No time was lost in getting some good streams to work, and although the water pressure was poor, at one hydrant being at zero, Chief Espey managed to keep down the fire at a small loss of about $.10,000. A special report…

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