Issue 25 and Volume 46.

A CASE OF ALGEA AND ITS TREATMENT A portion of the water supply of Troy, N. Y., is obtained from the Tomhannock Reservoir, located about ten miles northeast of the city. The reservoir, formed by the construction of a dam, has an area of 1,085 acres, an average depth of 22.4 feet, and a capacity of 12,310,000,000 gallons. The area flooded consisted of about one-seventh wood lands, while the remainder was lands under cultivation. All buildings, trees and brush were removed from the area which was flooded, as were also some 22,000 cubic yards of muck and decaying vegetable matter. The drainage area is 07.3 square miles, about 15 per cent of which is wood lands. There is a population of about 35 per square mile on the drainage area. The reservoir is about 0 miles long, and has an average width of three-quarters of a mile. The first water…

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