Strong Plea for Better Conditions at Rushville.

Issue 25 and Volume 46.

Strong Plea for Better Conditions at Rushville. The following circular, which has been distributed in Rushville, Ind., tells a plain, unvarnished tale of very poor fire conditions existing in that city: “Taxpayers of Rushville have been asleep upon their rights for some years. Most all of the money paid into the city treasury in the last twelve years has been expended to fill the sink hole of the water and light plant, or the mudholes on the streets. Our city has been extremely fortunate in these years in escaping from very serious fires, although in two or three instances, had the conditions been otherwise than favorable, we might have had more serious results. But should we neglect the fire department of the city because of such former fortunate conditions? With the exception of the meagre salaries paid the firemen in the house and called men. the purchase of feed and…

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