Chicopee Water Comissioners Praised.

Issue 2 and Volume 47.

Chicopee Water Comissioners Praised. In his inaugural address, Mayor Fletcher, the newly elected executive of Chicopee, Mass., refers as follows to its board of water commissioners: We have much to be thankful for in that we are blessed with an abundant supply of pure water, and that we have been able to so long retain the services of the broad-minded and conscientious men who comprise the board of water commissioners. It is with regret that I have to announce the retirement of William Jameson, whose term expires February 1, and who declines reappointment. His judgment has been clear, his integrity unquestioned, and his fairness attested by all who have come in contact with him. His place will not be easily filled. The establishment of a water system in Fairview marks the end of a long struggle and solves in a happy manner the questions which have long perplexed, to provide…

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