Issue 2 and Volume 47.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING According to a newspaper report, the prolonged absence of rain followed by intense cold, has caused the reservoir, on which Canaan, Conn., depends for fire protection, to become dry and there is no water available to oppose a possible fire. Not only Canaan itself, which is quite an important industrial centre, but a number of big factories in the neighborhood are likewise reduced to the condition of unprotected risks by the failure of Canaan’s reservoir. Under a special clause in the contract of Park City, Tenn., with the Knoxville Water Company, that formerly owned the local water plant, which reads as follows: “If the Knoxville water consumers are given reduced rates for water by any voluntary act of the Knoxville Water Company, the same rates are also to be in effect in Park City.” Park City now demands the same water rates as have been granted…

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