Water Rates, St. Thomas, Ont. Are:

Issue 2 and Volume 47.

Water Rates, St. Thomas, Ont. Are: Dwelling house, four rooms, $3.50 a year: each additional, 50 cents a year; bakeries, meter or special arrangement: blacksmith, one fire, $4.00 a year: each additional, $2.00 a year: barbershop, one chair, $3.00 a year; each additional. $1.50 a year; baths, private, $2.00; hotel or boarding house, $6.00 a year; building, per thousand bricks, 10 cents; per cord stone. 15 cents; 100 sq. yds. plastering, 15 cents; concrete, per cu. yd., 10 cents: churches. $5.00 to $10.00 a year; hotels, meter or special arrangement: tenement house, each family as separate house: urinals, private, self-closing, $3.00 a year; hotel and hoarding house, $4.00 a year: not self-closing, $3.00 a year; waterclosets, private, $1.50 a year; each additional, 75 cents a year.

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