Water Rates.

Issue 2 and Volume 47.

Water Rates. In accordance with a section in the new charter of Grand Junction, Colo., to the effect that all consumers of water living outside of the city limits shall pay not less than double the rate so established and fixed for users within the city limits, outside users have been notified that on and after January 1 their water bill will be double the present amount. Leighton, Pa., has adopted the following schedule: Dwelling house, single family, $6: bath tub, $3; each additional, $2; water closet, $4; each additional. $3; urinal, $2. Two or more families: First family, $7; each additional, $7; bath tub, $3; water closet. $4. Boardinghouses, 8 persons or under, same as dwellings. Building purposes: One thousand brick wetting, etc., 6 cents; mortar, etc., 10 cents; stone masonry per cu. yd., 5 cents; 100 sq. yds. of plastering, 30 cents. Kankakee, Ill., has granted a 22-year…

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