A Well-Managed Fire.

Issue 2 and Volume 47.

A Well-Managed Fire. Located at the corner of Pikes Peak avenue and Tejon street, in the central business district of the city of Colorado Springs, Col., the First National Bank building, occupied as a business block, was the scene a short time ago, of a fire that threatened to cause considerable damage. The quarters of the First National Bank are directly on the corner; on the west, facing south on Pikes Peak avenue, is the store occupied by the Perkins-Shearer Clothing Company, the Perkins-Shearer Company, Gano Downs Clothing Company, Ashby Jewelry Company, Denver & Rio Grande ticket office and the Globe Express Company, have quarters facing east on Tejon street, and the upper part of the building is occupied as offices. The store of the Perkins-Shearer Clothing Company, formed an “El,” facing on Pikes Peak avenue and Tejon street, and under the entire store space was a basement. This basement,…

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