Issue 2 and Volume 47.

FIRE NEWS FROM ALL PARTS The total fire loss in the United States in November, reckoned on the $10,000 basis, was $12,815,000, which, when compared with that of the corresponding month of 1908 shows a decrease of $463,000, and with that of November, 1907, a decrease of $3,706,000. The total fire loss for 11 months was $154,911,000 against $ 177,869,000 for 11 months of the year 1908, and $165,722,000 for 11 months of the year 1907. The Hornell, N. Y., board of public safety reports that the fire department responded to 60 alarms during the year 1909. A total of 25,650 feet of hose was laid at the fires during the year. The greatest amount of hose used at any one fire was 4,000 feet. Five hundred and sixty gallons of chemicals were used. There were only seven fires where the loss was very large. The fire that destroyed the…

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