Ocala Gives Assistance.

Issue 2 and Volume 47.

Ocala Gives Assistance. Early on the morning of December 24, the sound of pistol shots aroused the citizens of Crystal River, about 40 miles from Ocala, Fla. They had been fired by the watchman at the Dixon Pencil Plant, oecuping a space of about 10 acres in the northwestern part of the town with the shops, lumber sheds, dry-kilns, etc., of their cedar pencil wood plant, as an alarm of fire, Assistance was asked from Ocala 40 miles away, as soon as the extent of the fire was seen, and loading a chemical engine on a car, Chief H. S. Chambers of the Ocala fire department, and 12 of his men. went by special train to Crystal River, which they reached an hour and a half after the call for aid was received. There was no water supply, nor any fire protection of any kind, except that the factory was…

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