Report on the Rutland Water System

Issue 2 and Volume 47.

Report on the Rutland Water System The special committee of the city council of Rutland, Vt., appointed to investigate and report upon the waterworks system of that place has submitted its findings from which the following are taken: Several propositions are made looking to the betterment of the system, but it believes that the present supply is adequate for many years to come, if the masonry of the reservoirs is repaired. The supply is now confined to the Gleason reservoir on the stream locally known as Tinney’s brook, and the Mendon stream or Mendon branch of the stream locally known as East crcck. The so-called Gleason reservoir is not a reservoir, as it is wholly without storage capacity. It is simply a cement dam across the stream to divert into the pipe leading to the city the natural flow of the stream or so much thereof as the pipe will…

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