National Fire Department Statistics.

Issue 2 and Volume 47.

National Fire Department Statistics. According to a bulletin issued by the Department of Commerce and Labor, at Washington, D. C., the investigation into the expenditures of cities shows that for the fire department the per-capita payments vary, being only 40 cents per capita in Newport, Ky., 44 cents in Harrisburg, and 49 cents in Reading, Pa., while Atlantic City paid $3.62 per capita. Utica $2.99, and Birmingham $2.71. One explanation of the small payments in Harrisburg and Reading is found in the fact that fire protection in those cities is furnished by the so-called “volunteer organizations,” which receive appropriations from the city, but do not cost as much as regular city departments. The appropriations for 1906 and 1907, as given in the bulletin, include the anticipated expenditures for outlays and for maintenance. The appropriations for 1907 amounted to $38,529,636, an increase of $3,648,856, or 10.5 per cent., over the previous…

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