Proposed Improvement of Pittsfield Supply.

Issue 2 and Volume 47.

Proposed Improvement of Pittsfield Supply. In his inaugural address, William M. McInnis, the newly elected mayor of Pittsfield, Mass., outlines as follows, propective improvement in the water supply system of that city: “The exceedingly dry weather prevalent during the entire year just closed, succeeding a year of unprecedented drouth, taxed the resourcs of our water supply to its fullest capacity, clearly demonstrating that our present available supply is only adequate during periods of an average or reasonably profuse rainfall. Some time ago, realizing that a large reserve storage supply was absolutely necessary, I ordered that a survey be made, plans prepared of a sufficiently comprehensive nature, that when carried out will completely safeguard the city in this vitally essential particular for many years to come. The Roaring brook proposition, which will include a large storage reservoir at the head waters of Mill brook, has already received the approval of the…

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