Kansas City Fire Record.

Issue 2 and Volume 47.

Kansas City Fire Record. Kansas City, Mo., reached the record mark for fires in 1909. The fire department has compiled the following statistics with a comparison for the year 1908: Number of alarms in 1909, 2,326; total fire losses in 1909. $1,373,520.42; insurance on property burned 1909, $21,476,511; number of alarms in 1908, 2,094; total fire losses in 1908, $648,443,000; insurance on property burned in 1908, $11,195,088; lives lost in fires during 1909, 18. These figures show that the tire department during the past year responded to an average of a fraction more than six alarms daily. During 1908, while the number of alarms was nearly as large, the losses totaled only about half of those of 1909. The heaviest losses for any calendar year previous to 1909 occurred in 1899, when there were 1,142 alarms, a total loss of $1,223,910. and insurance carried on the damaged property to the…

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