Issue 4 and Volume 47.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING Brooklyn, N. Y., is suing the American Sugar Refining Company for $525,000, the value of water alleged to have been surreptitiously used by the company, and for which no payment was made. A table, compiled by an engineer employed by the city, shows, it is said, that in September, 1902, the company produced 138,000,000 pounds of refined sugar, using, according to the records of the meters, 1,260,000 gallons of water. In December, 1903, after the engineer employed by the city had gone through the sugar plant in search of a great water waste, only 70,000,000 pounds of sugar were produced, while the water meters showed a consumption of 1,980,000 gallons of water. Even if the sugar company should he found guilty on the charge of fraud, no one will be liable to criminal prosecution, as such liability was outlawed by a time period of five rears.…

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