Issue 4 and Volume 47.

Meterage. With 9,282 services, Binghamton, N. Y., has 2,080 meters in use and received, for metered water, $48,992, of a total of $109,670 receipts for water rates. Boston, Mass., according to a recent report, has metered a large proportion of services, having 5,300 meters at present in use. The proper tion of revenue derived irom metered water is 47.85 per cent. Springfield, Mass., anticipates more prosperous times for its water department and attributes this prospect to the meterage of services. The meter method of payment is considered “much better than the old system, without measurement of the quantity used.” Incidentally, the water officials are satisfied that a balance of $787.14 is placed to its credit, after paying all expenses, with which to start the new year. Jersey City, N. J.. has reached a daily consumption of 48,000,000 gallons of water and the capacity of the waterworks at Boonton, which the…

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