Destructive Fire at Cleveland.

Issue 4 and Volume 47.

Destructive Fire at Cleveland. In a comparatively short space of time, fire in Cleveland, O., recently wiped out property of the value of $350,000. A 5-story building, Nos. 321-333 St. Clair avenue, occupied by the Kingsley Paper Company, was the scene of the fire. The firemen were quickly on the ground, but the three upper floors were in flames before they arrived. Several explosions accompanying the flames were presumably caused by materials in the stock of the Kingsley l’aint Dryer Co., who shared the build mg with the paper company. Seventeen fire engines were employed, and hose was also laid from both fire tugs, it being feared that the whole block would he destroyed, and firemen were posted on the roofs of adjoining buildings, whence they directed powerful high-pressure streams into the flames. The main loss. $140,000, was suffered In the Kingsley Paper Co., hut the damage suffered by other…

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