Volunteer Fire Patrol for Red Bank.

Issue 4 and Volume 47.

Volunteer Fire Patrol for Red Bank. A proposition has been made to insurance companies interested in risks in Red Bank, N. J., that would materially enhance the fire protection facilities of that borough. Elbridge Gerry Roberts, who resides there, has a new high grade motor truck chassis, for which he has no present use and which he proposes to fit up as an insurance patrol wagon, with tarpaulin blankets, extinguishers, etc., at his own expense, and at the same time, he proposes to organize, among the young men residents, a salvage corps. He proposes that the insurance companies contribute to the maintenance of the corps, by payment on the basis of a certain percentage of the value of goods which are actually saved at a fire by the company in case the proposition materializes. The amount actually salvaged to be determined entirely by the company’s adjuster, the corps to receive…

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