Issue 4 and Volume 47.

ANNUAL WATERWORKS REPORTS AUBURN. N. Y. Auburn, N. Y., obtains its supply from Owasco Lake, by pumping. The occurrence during the late summer of 1908, of an exceptionally large number of cases of typhoid fever, caused suspicion to attach to the water supply, and the services of experts were called upon to determine whether there were any grounds for suspecting the water as the cause of the trouble. The length of mains in the distribution system, according to the statistics furnished by the superintendent, J. Walter Ackerman, is 329,092 feet, and the number of hydrants in service is 627, which gives an average of one hydrant for about every 487 feet of mains. The total number of gates set is 3,626, which allows one gate for each 543.7 feet of regular street mains. The total receipts for water rents amounted to $97,382.97, and of this $24,396.34 was received for meter…

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